• Claire Colin

    Front Desk Receptionist

    As a Front Desk Receptionist, it is vital that my position requires me to be the representation of what Tranquil Waters Counseling is all about! My job is to help you through your process of becoming apart of the Tranquil Waters Counseling family, and to ensure that it is a safe space where you can alleviate any daily life struggles. Researching and finding a good therapist can be a little tedious, so I will do my very best to find a therapist that best suit your needs, your child’s needs, or your family’s needs. Here at Tranquil Waters Counseling we work as a team! All of our efforts are geared towards the same goal which is to ensure our clients are given the best possible care. I look forward to speaking with you and help you on your journey to prosper, succeed, and thrive. You can reach me for a new appointment by calling (407) 738-9408 M-F 9am to 5pm.