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  • Daniela P Perez

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    “A Spa for my inner self” is how I like to call the space that my clients and I co-create. A space where they can feel free and safe to BE themselves, to undergo a journey of exploration and growth towards finding purpose, joy, wellness, peace, balance and why not adventure? I consider children to be the great Masters in life. I like to invite my clients to become one of them again, as they remind us that “the present moment” “the here and the now” is where we want to be! I also believe that when we transform our relationship with ourselves, the world around us will also be transformed!

    I am a Mental Health Counselor from Venezuela and obtained a Master’s degree in Mental Health and School Counseling at C.A.U Miami Florida. As a triathlete, sports and music lover I believe in movement! Starting from the imperceptible but powerful process of breathing to every inch of our body and thoughts. I see that every day we have less time and ways to connect with ourselves and with others, being these to my believe an important step in our pursuit of happiness and peace.