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  • Dr. Karlet Reyes

    Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

    My name is CarmenoemiAngela Reyes, but most people call me Karlet. I am completing my Ph.D. in Systems, Families, and Couples, which I emphasize in Family Studies. I am passionate about relationships, whether that is in couples, premarital, or marriage therapy. This passion developed long before coming into the mental health field and continues to be one of the most significant emphases in my work and research. I specifically am interested in helping engaged couples who are in the process of planning their weddings and who may be undergoing wedding stress. The stress of weddings can bring out various relational dynamics, which I believe does not get enough attention through premarital prevention. I focus on many aspects that come into play in these relationships, whether cultural, social contexts, gender roles, sexual behaviors, or religious/spiritual commitments.

    While I believe people crave connection, there are moments in life that can disrupt relationships. Although times can be challenging, and these relationships can become rocky, those who make an effort to heal and become vulnerable with one another genuinely seek and crave progress and change in their lives. I work with individuals, couples, and families who desire a stronger connection with others and who are encouraged to seek positive change and influence in their daily lives. From witnessing my clients’ commitment to therapy, I am motivated and inspired to work and advocate for my clients to the best of my ability.

    Therapy is an important decision and a step towards change. A collaborative and therapeutic relationship is essential, and I am committed to working with and for my clients. While I encourage my clients to put in work, I value those who are willing, honest, vulnerable, and motivated to seek change. We can achieve goals and make lasting change together; you are not alone in this process.