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  • Jay Apitz

    Grad Student Intern

    Jay Apitz earned his Bachelor of Science degree in education from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and is completing his internship for his masters in mental health counseling at Westfield State University, Westfield Massachusetts. Jay’s background includes being an educator and working in the science field trouble shooting and assisting client’s in finding solutions to problems. He has had experience counseling professional executives regarding work / life balance, as well as individuals dealing with aging and life issues. He also has received specialized training in applied behavioral analysis and has experience in relationship counseling, specifically emotionally focused therapy (EFT).

    Jay is a dedicated parent of two adult children on the autism spectrum. He brings a unique perspective to the counseling field being both a sibling and parent of loved ones with disabilities. Jay has a passion for families and individuals in embracing self- acceptance and in developing a healthy positive outlook.